Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can't Live Without It: Murad Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex

Vitamin C is the BLT of skincare: it brightens, lightens, and tightens--really!  But it's a tricky ingredient because it's so unstable when it's not kept in a powder form.  Other brands, like Philosophy, have come out with C powders you can add to your moisturizer; though effective, they can be messy and inconvenient.  This product from Murad is the first I've found that has come up with a unique solution to the Vitamin C conundrum by suspending powdered C in a waterless creamy compound.  You apply this baby to damp skin (dampened with toner or water), and the C crystals are freshly activated.  This doesn't replace your moisturizer--I put my Bliss' The Youth As We Know It on top where I need moisture.  The result?  Fresh, plump, clear and bright skin in the morning.  This stuff ROCKS!

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