Thursday, May 22, 2008

RuPaul's Trick for Dark Circles

There are so many reasons to love fearless diva RuPaul.  Among other things, she's got makeup skills like no other!  At The Makeup Show, Becca National Artist Lynn Furge shared with me RuPaul's special trick for making those dark circles a thing of the past (this is an especially great trick for all divas with skin tones on the deeper end of the spectrum).  All you need is some Becca cream blush in Byzantine--a gorgeous, deep peachy-gold color (think Nars Multiple in Orgasm, only deeper, denser, and less glittery).  Apply a swipe of Byzantine over the dark circles; its orangey color will correct their blue-purple tones, and its shimmer will diffuse light.  Top with a great concealer (Becca's is available in a whopping 34 (!) shades; Alicia Keys can't live without it), and you're out the door.

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teetersteph said...

Thanks for the fun tips, Alice!