Thursday, May 22, 2008

A few new things to try with your old friend, DiorShow

There's been a lot of hype surrounding DiorShow mascara for the past couple of years, and due to its popularity the line has really grown and expanded.  Now, the original Show mascara is available at Sephora in four colors: Black, Blue, Chestnut, and Blackout (the ultra-black formula exclusive to Sephora).  It's also available in waterproof (as is the Blackout now, new this summer), and recently DiorShow Unlimited mascara also launched (also in black, chestnut, and azure blue).  

Today a Dior brand representative showed me a few new things to try with this old standby:

-For crazy lashes that don't come off: apply a coat of the classic DiorShow and top with the waterproof formula for water resistance (because we all know that, as much as we'd like to believe otherwise, the waterproof formula never looks the same as the original!)

-For extra length and curl without sacrificing volume: start with a coat of classic DiorShow (giving you depth and volume); then follow with a coat of DiorShow Unlimited (to build length and curl)

-For mega-volume and deepest black color: take the brush from your classic DiorShow and dip it in your tube of Blackout! (the Blackout brush is smaller than the classic brush)

Have fun, experiment, and play!  You'll hear me say this a million times, but makeup is supposed to be fun.  There are no rules; just infinite ways to express yourself, your creativity, and your individuality!

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